Incredible Sex Tips for Women that Make You Better in Bed

Incredible Sex Tips for Women that Make You Better in Bed

There are many methods for men and women to be better in bed, physically and emotionally. For example there are many different penis enlargement products or male enhancement pills and gel on the market. As we review the products, GentMax male enhancement pills have received a lot of positive comments. For more information about these products check GentMax reviews.
And there are many ways and techniques for women to be much better in bed. Here we have some tips about how to behave in bed. Each of these great sex tips for women will show you how to be the finest sex partner ever, making him want to spend more time with you sexually. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that it will help you have more intense orgasms. So without any further ado let's get this party started. for male you can see Sex Tips for Men Who Want to Be Great in Bed

1.       Tease him, immediately Prior to Sex

This is how it works: Pull back slightly when your man approaches you. Allow his penis to brush against you, almost entering you, but do not allow him to enter you yet. Of course, he will try one more, but... Pull back just enough so he does not penetrate you and glides over your vaginal opening. You can do this for a few seconds or minutes at a time, tempting him and enabling him to almost have sex with you before refusing him until you finally "give in."


2.       Slow Down Towards The End

Slowing down just as he is ready to cum will both prolong his sensations of sexual delight and improve the strength of his orgasm. It is fantastic for guys and many women appreciate it when their partner uses this method on them, so you should show it to him to assist him stay on top. This is how it goes.
To begin, you must determine when he is on the verge of cumming, His respiration will become more rapid, he may get stiff, and he may scrunch up his face. As soon as you feel this, start slowing down your movements and applying less pressure to provide less pleasure. So, if you are giving him a blow or a hand job, or if you are riding him in the Cowgirl position, take it slow and gentle at first. This will increase the amount of time he spends in the zone of maximum pleasure just before he cums, as well as the intensity of his orgasm when he does cum.


3.       When He Cums, Pull Him Deep

Some people get this sex technique right away, while others wonder, "hmm, what is so hot about this?" This sex advice for her is really intense and animalistic for those who grasp it. After all, healthy sex is about breaking free from your thoughts and releasing your primal impulses. You can be terrific at sex if you can do it. Keeping this in mind... Wrap your arms around him and, if possible, your legs around him as he is about to cum the next time you and your partner are having sex in a position where he is on top of you. Keep your arms and legs wrapped around him for 10-60 seconds after he has finished, holding him deep inside of you.
This is one of the most primal and erotic things imaginable during sex for those guys and girls who get it. Your man has the impression that you genuinely want him.

4.       BDSM

BDSM encompasses a wide range of techniques and ideas which you can employ on your guy. Here is a quick rundown:
o   Bondage: constrain him and tie him up, or let him restrain you.
o   Leave a lasting impression on your man
o   Honor your man by being submissive to him.
o   Spank and chastise your man for "misbehaving"
o   You might both get your kicks by inflicting pain on each other, a practice known as sadomasochism.
o   For some couples, giving him instructions in the bedroom or having him give you instructions can be incredibly intense.

5.       Uncover His Darkest, Most Secret Desires.

Do you have a fantasy that you cannot stop thinking about? What I am talking about is a kink or fetish that makes you hornier than you ever imagined possible? It might be a kink you would like to discuss with your man, or it could be a kink you are afraid your man will condemn you for? It could be a form of severe dominance, a rape dream, public sex, a foot fetish, or something else different. Whatever it is, keep in mind that your man is in a similar situation. He, too, has a fetish or kink that drives him insane and it is a good idea to help him open up and talk about his likes.


6.       Be sexually opportunistic.

Many ladies are unaware that most men enjoy seeing you exit the vehicle. Yes, some men are pigs who do not give a damn if you orgasm or not, but the majority of guys want to see you have fun; they want to see your orgasm face and feel your body tense up when you climax. After all, it strokes their ego to be the "one" who gets you off the hook. So
§  Be sexually opportunistic.
§  Enjoy wonderful sex in the positions you want.
§  Direct his hands in the direction you want them to go.
§  Put your hands on his head and pull him closer if you need more stimulation from his tongue when he is going down on you.
§  Demonstrate to him the type of stimulation you require.

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